ŠKODA iV ecosystem: Europe-wide mobility with POWERPASS

› Simple and intuitive charging with a single card, including in the IONITY fast charging network
› ‘Plug & Charge’: ENYAQ RS iV identifies itself automatically at compatible charging points
› Three ŠKODA iV Charger Wallboxes available for at-home charging

Mladá Boleslav, 5 December 2022 – In addition to developing all-electric vehicles, ŠKODA AUTO is also consistently advancing the expansion of the ŠKODA iV ecosystem. For example, ENYAQ RS iV owners can rely on the POWERPASS to support mobility across Europe. In almost all European countries, a single card enables easy and convenient battery charging, including in the IONITY fast charging network. The ‘Plug & Charge’ function allows users to charge at compatible charging points without using a card or app. The ŠKODA iV ecosystem also includes three ŠKODA iV Charger Wallboxes for charging at home.

The POWERPASS is a one-stop solution, offering ENYAQ RS iV drivers easy and convenient access to more than 400,000 charging points across almost all European countries. This also includes around 15,000 fast charging points at over 5,000 locations. Many of these charging points from various public providers are part of the IONITY network, which ŠKODA AUTO and the Volkswagen Group are helping to build up. In addition, the charging network at ŠKODA dealerships is being continuously expanded.



Three tariffs and new ‘Plug & Charge’ function

To use the POWERPASS, users must first register on one of three tariffs. On the ‘Charge Free’ tariff without a fixed fee, customers are only billed for the kWh prices for each charging process. ‘Simply Charge’ offers charging at public AC and DC stations for a low monthly fixed fee and reduced prices per kWh. ‘Charge Faster’ further reduces the prices for AC and DC and cuts the IONITY kWh price by more than half for a slightly higher monthly fixed fee. All charging processes are handled by POWERPASS and billed transparently each month. With the new ‘Plug & Charge’ function, the ENYAQ RS iV identifies itself at compatible charging stations when the charging cable is connected, and the charging process begins automatically. The vehicle securely saves the POWERPASS subscription data, and the process complies with the ISO 15118 security standard.



Three ŠKODA iV Charger Wallboxes and comprehensive advice

ŠKODA also offers ideal solutions for at-home charging and comprehensive advice before purchasing a ŠKODA iV Charger Wallbox through the four-step eCheck process. Even the entry-level ŠKODA iV Charger offers all the features for fast and straightforward charging at home. The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect with LAN and WLAN connection allows the charging process to be controlled remotely via the POWERPASS app. In addition, this version has an RFID reader to securely identify a user or several users, for example in a communal garage. The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ communicates with the server via LTE over the mobile network and offers a certified electricity meter along with the RFID reader. This means that the POWERPASS app can continuously track how much electricity the ENYAQ RS iV has used for charging.




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