The SUV story: the KODIAQ was the first model in the
brand’s SUV campaign

› Early forerunners: almost 3,000 TREKKAs were produced between 1966 and 1972
› In 2009, ŠKODA launched the YETI as the Czech brand’s first modern-day SUV
› In 2016, the KODIAQ kickstarted the current SUV family, which now includes eight models

Mladá Boleslav / Megève, 28 June 2021 – ŠKODA’s SUV story began 50 years prior to the KODIAQ being launched in 2016. The TREKKA off-road vehicle was developed in New Zealand in 1966 and based on the original OCTAVIA. By 1972, just under 3,000 units had been built. In 2009, the ŠKODA YETI paved the way for the Czech car manufacturer’s modern-era SUV, and seven years later, the company launched its successful SUV campaign with the KODIAQ. The current SUV family now includes eight models.

The ŠKODA TREKKA from 1966 is the forefather of the current ŠKODA SUV family. The rugged off-roader was built in New Zealand and based on the original OCTAVIA, with just under 3,000 vehicles produced up to 1972. The model was loved by customers in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Samoa and Vietnam. ŠKODA’s first modern-day SUV was the striking and highly practical YETI, launched in 2009. The introduction of the KODIAQ in 2016 marked the start of the Czech carmaker’s major SUV campaign.

ŠKODA KODIAQ – a global success

The KODIAQ quickly became a success all over the world. By the end of May 2021, the company had produced and delivered more than 620,000 units. Due to the high demand, the KODIAQ is manufactured at ŠKODA’s domestic plant in Kvasiny as well as in Changsha in China, Aurangabad in India and Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. The model is sold in approximately 60 international markets.

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An impressive family of eight

The KODIAQ – the pioneer of the family that now has eight models – is also available as a seven‑seater and, in 2018, became the first ŠKODA SUV to be available as an RS variant. The KAROQ followed in 2017 and a year later, the compact KAMIQ (a new entry-level model) and the KODIAQ GT SUV coupé were launched – both exclusively available on the Chinese market. In 2019, ŠKODA unveiled the KAMIQ GT, another China-exclusive SUV coupé. At the same time in Europe, the MQB-A0-based KAMIQ city SUV was launched. In 2020, ŠKODA presented the ENYAQ iV – its first all-electric SUV – and with it, the brand launched its electromobility campaign. With the ENYAQ iV, the Czech carmaker also adapted its SUV nomenclature to aptly start with the letter E. The latest member of ŠKODA’s SUV family is the KUSHAQ, which was developed especially for the Indian market. Overall, ŠKODA has built and sold more than two million SUVs. In 2020, these models made up nearly 40% of the brand’s global deliveries.


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