ŠKODA AUTO awarded its international marketing communication account to OPTIMIST and thjnk

› OPTIMIST and thjnk establish joint venture with its own team in Prague for ŠKODA account
› Marketing and automotive expertise of the two specialists complement each other

Mladá Boleslav, 30 July 2018 – ŠKODA AUTO has awarded its international marketing communication account to a collaboration between the agencies OPTIMIST and thjnk. They entered the competitive tender process together and were convincing with their pitch. US agency OPTIMIST specialises in digital communications and experience design. It runs its European business from Hamburg, where full-service agency thjnk also has its headquarters. For ŠKODA, they are going to establish a joint venture that will commence operations in Prague at the beginning of 2019.

Marc-A. Brinkmann, Head of Marketing at ŠKODA AUTO, said, “We have ambitious aims for ŠKODA. That’s why we decided to employ the concentrated automotive knowledge of OPTIMIST and thjnk. Together, we can give the brand even more appeal and presence in the international markets.”

“During the pitch it became clear that we can set new benchmarks in car communications with the joint venture between OPTIMIST and thjnk, and thus raise our brand’s profile even higher and more successfully,” added Thanh Vu Tran, Head of Global Marketing Communication Content and Strategy at ŠKODA AUTO.

The new undertaking has been tasked with the topics of strategy, classic advertising, digital content marketing, experience design and point-of-sale marketing. Staff in Prague will be able to access both OPTIMIST and thjnk resources, meaning ŠKODA will benefit from the comprehensive expertise and creativity of both agencies.

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