ŠKODA continues to grow in April

› The best April of all time: 97,200 deliveries (increase of 5.6 per cent)
› International success: significant increase in Europe, Russia and China
› Top seller: ŠKODA Superb and Yeti with double-digit growth

Mladá Boleslav, 10 May 2016 – In April, ŠKODA has increased its global deliveries by 5.6 per cent to 97,200 vehicles (April 2015: 92,100). This was the best April in the company’s 121-year history. The brand achieved significant growth in Europe, Russia and China.

“ŠKODA’s strong growth in the first four months of the year underlines that our customers like our model campaign. Our latest models such as the ŠKODA Superb and the ŠKODA Fabia are instrumental in ŠKODA’s success,” said ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing, Werner Eichhorn.

Compared to the same month last year, ŠKODA increased sales in Western Europe by 8.2 per cent to 41,400 vehicles (April 2015: 38,200). The brand also achieved an increase of 8.2 per cent in Germany, and delivered 14,900 vehicles to customers (April 2015: 13,800). This means, with a market share of five per cent, ŠKODA remains the undisputed number one importer in its second-biggest individual market worldwide. The Czech manufacturer achieved double-digit growth in the Netherlands (1,500 vehicles; increase of 73.5 per cent), Italy (2,000 vehicles; an increase of 26.8 per cent), Ireland (800 vehicles; increase of 23.6 per cent) and Switzerland (1,600 vehicles; increase of 15.2 per cent).

ŠKODA has once again been going strong in Central Europe. In April, the brand increased sales by 5.8 per cent to 16,400 vehicles (April 2015: 15,500). In its home market of the Czech Republic, the manufacturer increased deliveries by 4.0 per cent to 8,000 units (April 2015: 7,700). ŠKODA also grew considerably in Slovakia (1,700 vehicles; increase of 10.6 per cent) and Slovenia (600 vehicles; increase of 13.5 per cent).

In Eastern Europe, excluding Russia, ŠKODA sold 3,100 vehicles in April; an increase of 6.1 per cent compared to the same month last year (April 2015: 2,900). The Czech manufacturer’s market share increased to eight per cent. After recent difficult months, deliveries in Russia increased to 4,900 vehicles (April 2015: 4,500). Nevertheless, the market situation in Russia and the bordering regions remains difficult. ŠKODA saw double-digit growth in Bulgaria (200 vehicles; increase of 16.7 per cent) and the Baltic countries (600 vehicles; increase of 17.8 per cent). In Ukraine, the brand achieved triple-digit growth (300 vehicles; increase of 126.4 per cent).

ŠKODA continued to grow in China, the brand’s largest sales market worldwide. In April, deliveries to customers increased by 3.6 per cent to 23,800 vehicles (April 2015: 23,000). ŠKODA achieved significant growth rates in New Zealand (100 vehicles; increase of 21.3 per cent), Taiwan (400 vehicles; increase of 127.2 per cent), Turkey (3,200 vehicles; increase of 21.7 per cent) and Israel (2,200 vehicles; increase of 71.6 per cent).
Deliveries of the ŠKODA brand to customers in April 2016 (in units, rounded, by model; +/- in per cent compared to same month last year):
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 3,400; +3.3%)
ŠKODA Fabia (17,800; +8.2%)
ŠKODA Rapid (18,100; +0.3%)
ŠKODA Octavia (37,000; +1.5%)
ŠKODA Superb (12,900; +65.2%)
ŠKODA Yeti (8,100; +12.5%)


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