ŠKODA continues to grow in February

› Record February: 76,000 ŠKODA deliveries; up 8.3%
› Strength internationally: ŠKODA grows in Europe and China
› New era: world premiere of the new ŠKODA Superb
› Great response: sales of new ŠKODA Fabia increase 11.7% in Western Europe

Mladá Boleslav, 9 March 2015 – ŠKODA remains in the fast lane. In February ŠKODA’s worldwide deliveries increased 8.3% to 76,000 vehicles (February 2014: 70,200). The Czech manufacturer recorded their best February sales results ever. The new ŠKODA Fabia is well on the way; sales of the new small car, introduced at the end of 2014, have increased 11.7% in Western Europe and 32.7% in Central Europe. Also this month, the brand celebrated their latest product highlight in Prague; ŠKODA’s flagship, the new Superb, will be heading to dealerships in June.

“ŠKODA has made an excellent start to the year after a record-breaking 2014. The first two months have highlighted the brand’s positive momentum,” says ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing Werner Eichhorn. “We are particularly pleased about how well the new ŠKODA Fabia and Fabia Combi (estate) are doing. The new ŠKODA Superb will be giving us a further boost, attracting new customers and expanding our consumer base.” The new ŠKODA Superb is currently starring at the Geneva Motor Show after its world premiere in the Czech capital. The new ŠKODA flagship is the best ŠKODA of all time and the highlight of ŠKODA’s model campaign. ŠKODA is sending a clear message with the third generation Superb – more emotional design with increased demands on performance and comfort. ŠKODA’s traditional brand values, such as functionality, spaciousness and value for money have been strengthened. This modern model portfolio heralds a new era for the brand.

In Western Europe ŠKODA’s sales increased 2.4% to 29,600 vehicles in February (February 2014: 28,900). In Germany, ŠKODA’s second strongest market worldwide, the brand delivered 10,500 vehicles to customers (February 2014: 10,800). The manufacturer achieved double-digit growth in the markets of Spain (2000 vehicles; up 27.5%), Switzerland (2700 vehicles; up 114.2%), Italy (1400 vehicles; up 24.9%) and Ireland (1100 vehicles; up 11.9%).

In Eastern Europe including Russia, ŠKODA delivered 7800 vehicles to customers in February (February 2014: 8900). ŠKODA’s market share increased to 5.1% after 3.7% in February 2014. In Russia ŠKODA delivered 5600 vehicles to customers in February (February 2014: 6400), the brand’s market share increased to 4.5% (February 2014: 3.3%). The manufacturer achieved double-digit growth in Romania (600 vehicles; up 52.1%), Serbia (500 vehicles; up 10%), Bulgaria (200 vehicles; up 50%) as well as the Baltic States (400 vehicles; up 20.8%).

ŠKODA is on top form in Central Europe. In February the brand grew 12.4% to 14,500 vehicles delivered (February 2014: 12,900). ŠKODA’s market share increased to 23.1% (February 2014: 20.6%). On their Czech home market, the manufacturer’s sales increased 21.4% to 6600 units (February 2014: 5400). Likewise, double-digit growth was recorded in Hungary (900 vehicles; up 31.7%) and Croatia (300 vehicles; up 63.7%). Sales in Poland stood at a higher level than last February with 4900 vehicles delivered.

ŠKODA once again achieved strong growth in their strongest sales market worldwide – China, where 17,700 vehicles were delivered to customers this February – an increase of 24% (February 2014: 14,200). ŠKODA’s sales almost tripled in Egypt (1200 vehicles; up 207.2%), and the manufacturer also increased sales in Turkey (1300 vehicles; up 108.4%), Algeria (700 vehicles; up 89.9%) and Australia (400 vehicles; up 63.3%). In India ŠKODA delivered 1100 vehicles to customers in February (February 2014: 1300).

ŠKODA’s deliveries to customers in February 2015 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to February 2014):

ŠKODA Octavia (32,000; +20.9%)
ŠKODA Rapid (16,200; +26.6%)
ŠKODA Fabia (10,200; -16.7%)
ŠKODA Yeti (6900; +3.2%)
ŠKODA Superb (5600; -16.5%)
ŠKODA Roomster (2500; +4.2%)
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 2700; -8.0%)

150309 ŠKODA continues to grow in February

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