ŠKODA produces 750,000th ŠKODA Superb

› ŠKODA Superb setting benchmarks in automotive mid-class since 2001
› Synonymous with highest Czech quality; success on markets around the world
› Third generation ŠKODA Superb heralds new era for the brand

Mladá Boleslav, 29 April 2015 – ŠKODA has produced the 750,000th ŠKODA Superb. The milestone car rolled off the ŠKODA production line at Kvasiny today. The ŠKODA Superb has been the brand’s flagship since 2001. The third generation of the model is to be launched on the market in June this year. The new ŠKODA Superb has revolutionised ŠKODA’s design language, reaching a new level in terms of comfort and technology, and is the best ŠKODA of all time.

“Three-quarters of a million ŠKODA Superbs produced – this figure is proof of our flagship’s great success,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “As one of the best vehicles in the automotive mid-class, the ŠKODA Superb has been synonymous with the highest quality from the Czech Republic for the last 14 years, inspiring customers in Europe as well as in China and other markets overseas. It is based on this success that we are entering a new era with the third generation of the model.  Our entire model range has taken on a whole new meaning in terms of technology, value, design and emotional appeal. The new ŠKODA Superb surpasses everything that ŠKODA has ever produced, and points to the future of the brand.”

The ŠKODA Superb has worn the crown in ŠKODA’s model range since 2001. It has occupied the top positions in the mid-class vehicle segment since entering the market. This ties the Czech carmaker to their tradition of producing prestigious vehicles; between 1934 and 1949 a ŠKODA model bearing the name ‘Superb’ once rolled off the production lines in Mladá Boleslav. The name of the model was inspired by the Latin word ‘superbus’ meaning ‘proud’ or ‘stately’. With the first ‘modern era’ ŠKODA Superb 14 years ago, the manufacturer has built on this great tradition.

Today, the Superb is one of the best and most successful cars at the top end of the automotive mid-class. The first-generation Superb (2001 to 2008) had the character of a classic saloon, and set standards particularly in terms of spaciousness. The second-generation model from 2008 inspired customers with new, variable applications, more technology and timelessly elegant designs. There has also been an estate version of the Superb available since 2009.

The third-generation ŠKODA Superb has reached a new level in terms of design and technology. ŠKODA’s completely redesigned flagship features the latest innovations from the ŠKODA design team. The above-average amount of room has once again increased, and the new Superb has received the Volkswagen Group’s innovative MQB technology. Spacious interiors, innovative assistance systems for safety, the environment and comfort, powerful Euro-6 engines and ŠKODA-typical ‘Simply Clever’ details move the model to the top of the automotive mid-class.

The new ŠKODA Superb is to be built at the ŠKODA Kvasiny plant as its predecessor. To start production on the latest generation, the manufacturer has invested heavily in new production technologies and assembly & logistics areas. 1.7 billion CZK has gone into the car body assembly alone. The company plans to invest around 7.2 billion CZK into the site by 2018, creating 1300 new jobs.  Manufacturing capacities are set to increase gradually to around 280,000 vehicles per year. Kvasiny is one of ŠKODA’s three manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, currently employing 4500 people.

ŠKODA intends to launch production of the Superb in China during 2015. The new model is currently celebrating its premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show in China.

Production figures listed by model and factory 

Superb (B5) Kvasiny 136.068
Superb (B6) Kvasiny 379.600
Superb (B6) Aurangabad 15.170
Superb (B6) Anting 186.987
Superb (B6) Ningbo 31.500
Superb (B8) Kvasiny 600
Superb (B8) Nanjing 75


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