ŠKODA in September: 93,600 Deliveries

› ŠKODA grows in Western and Central Europe
› Fabia and Superb saloon with high growth rates in Western Europe
› Market conditions in China, Russia and Eastern Europe remain challenging

Mladá Boleslav, 12 October 2015 – ŠKODA delivered 93,600 vehicles to customers around the world in September 2015. This represents a decrease of 2.1% compared to September last year (95,600 deliveries). ŠKODA made significant advances in Western and Central Europe, while in China, Russia and Eastern Europe, the car manufacturer felt the impact of the challenging market conditions. The new model generations continue to enjoy excellent consumer feedback. In particular, the ŠKODA Fabia and Superb models benefited from strong demand in September: in Western Europe, Fabia sales increased 31.0%, the Superb Saloon rose by 122.1%.

“We are delighted with the high customer interest in our new ŠKODA cars,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing, adding, “Combined with the good situation of the overall market, ŠKODA continues to record a promising number of incoming orders in Western and Central Europe. By contrast, the automotive markets in China, Russia and Eastern Europe remain challenging. This is also having an impact on our business in these regions.”

In Western Europe, ŠKODA’s deliveries increased 6.9% to 43,700 vehicles in September (September 2014: 40,900). In Germany, the brand’s sales increased 7.7% to 15,300 deliveries (September 2014: 14,200), where ŠKODA remains the unchallenged number-one import brand. ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth in eight European countries: Austria (2200 vehicles; up 19.9%), Denmark (1600 vehicles; up 31.2%), Italy (1400 vehicles; up 13.9%), Sweden (1400 vehicles; up 13.9%), Spain (1400 vehicles; up 16.1%), Norway (600 vehicles; up 14.9%), Ireland (300 vehicles; up 45.6%) and Portugal (200 vehicles; up 24.1%).

In Russia, where the automotive market is in sharp decline, ŠKODA delivered 4600 vehicles (September 2014: 7300 vehicles; down 37.0%). In Eastern Europe, not including Russia, 2900 customers opted for a ŠKODA in September (September 2014: 3000; down 3.6%). ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth rates in Serbia (500 vehicles; up 28.8%) and Bulgaria (300 vehicles; up 40.9%).

In Central Europe, ŠKODA performed well in September; the brand grew 11.2% in this region, selling 13,300 vehicles (September 2014: 12,000). On their Czech home market, ŠKODA delivered 6200 vehicles to customers. This represents an increase of 6.6% compared to September last year. The automaker also recorded double-digit growth in Poland (3900 vehicles; up 10.1%), Slovakia (1700 vehicles; up 22.8%), Hungary (900 vehicles; up 28.4%) and Slovenia (500 vehicles; up 21.9%).

Amid the tense market situation in China, ŠKODA recorded 23,800 deliveries in September (September 2014: 24,900; down 4.2%). In India, ŠKODA delivered 1400 vehicles (September 2014: 1700; down 21.9%). In Australia, the brand grew 38.8% to 500 deliveries.

ŠKODA deliveries to customers in September 2015 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to September 2014):

ŠKODA Octavia (36,400; +9.0 %)
ŠKODA Rapid (15,200; -30.4 %)
ŠKODA Fabia (19,600; +32.5 %)
ŠKODA Yeti (10,600; +8.5 %)
ŠKODA Superb (6700; -20.7 %)
ŠKODA Roomster (600; -77.7 %)
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 4600; -3.6 %)

151012 ŠKODA in September – 93_600 Deliveries

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