Safety: improved assistance systems and head-up display with
augmented reality

› Next-generation Travel Assist uses current online-backed swarm data
› Head-up display with augmented reality
› High levels of active and passive safety with up to nine airbags
› Simply Clever 2.0: Trained Parking feature increases comfort and safety

Mladá Boleslav, 7 March 2022 – The ŠKODA ENYAQ COUPÉ iV offers an equally high level of active and passive safety as the ENYAQ iV. It has been awarded the highest-possible rating of five stars in the Euro NCAP crash safety reference tests and was named the safest vehicle in its category. Assistance systems have been further improved and, in their latest generation, use online-backed swarm data. The optional head-up display with augmented reality projects information onto the windscreen in clear view for the driver, while clever assistance systems warn of potential collisions or make parking more convenient, for example. If part of the specification, full-LED Matrix headlights provide even greater safety when visibility is poor.

The new ŠKODA ENYAQ COUPÉ iV offers a head-up display with augmented reality as an option. This projects information for the driver onto two different areas on the windscreen so they don't have to take their eyes off the road. The coupé’s speed, detected traffic signs, navigation instructions and information from the assistance systems are displayed just above the dashboard in clear view. Higher up on the windscreen, in the projection zone for augmented reality, larger symbols such as directional arrows from the navigation system are displayed and virtually projected onto the road ahead. New features include information regarding the distances for the next change in direction and navigation instructions for roundabouts, as well as the remaining distance to the destination and the battery charge level. Via the infotainment system menu, the driver can adjust the position of the display area on the windscreen, set the colour and brightness, and select what information is shown.



High degree of active and passive safety with up to nine airbags

The ENYAQ COUPÉ iV offers the same safety features as the ENYAQ iV, which was awarded an excellent rating in the Euro NCAP tests, including a score of 94% of the maximum attainable points for adult passenger protection and 89% for children. In addition to the highest-possible rating of five stars, both the SUV and coupé were also named the safest vehicles in their categories in 2021. To date, they are the safest vehicles in their categories ever according to the European crash safety reference tests. Euro NCAP’s rules require all variants to be rated based on the same clearly defined criteria. As the designs of the SUV and coupé differ, the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV had to be subjected to special tests. The first safety-relevant area was the front bumper. The shape of this body part has an impact on the evaluation of a collision between a pedestrian and the vehicle. The second area was the rear of the vehicle, as the gently sloping roofline has implications for passenger safety. Therefore, with regard to adult protection, the functionality of the headrest was tested, and with regards to child protection, the placement and fastening of selected child seats on the rear seats. To achieve the required points, even the rescue cards had to be precisely adapted to the vehicle variant.

The coupé can be equipped with up to nine airbags. Driver and front passenger airbags are fitted as standard, as are front side airbags and two curtain airbags, which cover the side windows in the first and second rows of seats. A central airbag between the front seats reduces the impact between the driver and front passenger. Two side airbags for the outer rear seats are optional. In the event of an impending collision or a sudden braking manoeuvre, or if the car is in danger of skidding or tipping over, the proactive Crew Protect Assist feature (standard in the RS) will tension the seat belts and close any open windows.

Assistance systems expanded to include online functions

The ENYAQ COUPÉ iV can be equipped with any of the ŠKODA assistance systems available, some of which are new or enhanced. Travel Assist, which provides active support for longitudinal and lateral steering and comprises Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Adaptive Lane Assist including roadwork recognition, Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist, now also uses current online-backed swarm data collected by suitably equipped Volkswagen Group vehicles. The data has been anonymised and made available to the system for evaluation and shared use. This enables the assistance systems to be more accurate. For example, adaptive Lane Assist is now able to take over lateral steering in narrow spaces in the city and can identify yellow lane markings in roadworks as well as barriers and vehicles parked at the side of the road. It can also assist when negotiating corners in the city, even in narrow streets and unmarked lanes. In the event of an impending collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or another vehicle, Collision Avoidance Assist supports the driver by actively increasing the steering moment to prevent the accident using a controlled evasive manoeuvre.

Travel Assist is activated by pressing a button on the multifunction steering wheel. It keeps the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV in its current lane and automatically monitors the distance to the vehicles ahead. The system can autonomously bring the car to a stop, make it pull away and follow other vehicles in congested traffic. It can automatically change lanes on motorways and multi-lane roads at speeds above 90 km/h. Adaptive Cruise Control now also reacts to obstacles reported via online traffic data. The Travel Assist function requires the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel. If the vehicle detects that the driver is no longer steering, braking or accelerating, Emergency Assist attempts to initially warn them visually, then acoustically and ultimately by jolting the brakes. If the driver fails to react, the hazard lights are activated, the vehicle is brought to a standstill in its current lane and eCall is triggered.

Front Assist, Side Assist, Turn Assist and Exit Warning all reduce the risk of an accident

The standard feature Front Assist with Predictive Pedestrian and Cyclist Protection, as well as the optional Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert warn of collisions with other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and static obstacles. When turning left at junctions, Turn Assist alerts the driver of oncoming traffic at an early stage, automatically bringing the car to a stop if necessary. When a door is opened, Exit Warning alerts the occupant if another vehicle or a cyclist is approaching from behind. It does this acoustically and visually via a light signal on the inside of the wing mirror housing.

Simply Clever 2.0: Trained Parking

The optional Park Assist feature automatically manoeuvres the vehicle into and out of parallel and bay parking spaces; it can brake and also detects pedestrians or objects. Using the Trained Parking feature, the system records the route into a frequently used parking space, for example in a narrow and angled driveway. The vehicle can then reproduce this route at any time if required.

The optional full-LED Matrix headlights allow the driver to leave the high beam on at all times

Driving in the dark is much safer when the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV is equipped with the optional full-LED Matrix headlights (standard feature for the SPORTLINE and ENYAQ COUPÉ RS iV). Each Matrix high beam module contains 24 LEDs, which can be controlled individually and enable the driver to have the high beam on at all times without dazzling other road users. When the camera on the windscreen detects vehicles as well as people and objects reflecting the light, the intelligent lighting technology automatically turns off individual segments of the light beam.


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