The ŠKODA iV ecosystem: mobile throughout Europe thanks
to the Powerpass

› Convenient charging with just a single card and access to the Ionity fast-charging network
› Choice of three ŠKODA iV Charger wall boxes and optional planning and installation support

Mladá Boleslav, 7 March 2022 – With the Powerpass, owners of an ENYAQ COUPÉ iV are always mobile. A single card enables easy and convenient vehicle charging at points throughout almost all of Europe, including the Ionity fast-charging network. In addition to the development of all-electric vehicles, ŠKODA AUTO is consistently expanding the ŠKODA iV ecosystem. Three different Charger wall boxes for use at home form part of the ŠKODA iV ecosystem. ŠKODA assists its customers with the selection, and supports them with planning and installation.

With an ENYAQ COUPÉ iV and the Powerpass, ŠKODA customers can enjoy virtually unlimited mobility across nearly all of Europe. A single card provides easy and convenient access to more than 290,000 charging points. This also includes over 2,000 Ionity fast chargers on international traffic routes and trunk roads. Once the selected tariff has been activated, the Powerpass offers standard market prices as well as transparent and convenient monthly invoices. Customers opting for the DC pack will receive the Charge Faster tariff for one year with a discount on the base rate.



For individual charging at home: choice of three ŠKODA iV Charger wall boxes

ŠKODA also offers its customers the right solution for individual charging at home. There is a choice of three ŠKODA iV Charger wall boxes with different features. Even the entry-level variant, the ŠKODA iV Charger, is a fast and convenient solution. The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect comes with LAN and Wi-Fi connection, which allows the charging process to be controlled remotely via the Powerpass app. This box also has an RFID reader for secure identification of a single or multiple users, for example in residential car parks. The top-end variant is the ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+. This box can also communicate with the server over the mobile phone network via an LTE connection and is equipped with a certified electricity meter in addition to the RFID reader. The Powerpass app continuously tracks how much energy has been used to charge the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV. With its optional eCheck process – which comprises four steps – ŠKODA AUTO will clarify all technical questions for the customer before they purchase a ŠKODA iV Charger wall box. An online pre-check will initially assess the general suitability of the desired installation location. The appropriate wall box is then determined and ordered. Subsequently, an installation partner will check the infrastructure on-site before the box is installed. Following a functional test, the Charger is ready to use.


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