ŠKODA KAROQ as the Perfect Playground

ŠKODA KAROQ as the Perfect Playground

What would a car look like if designed by children for maximum fun? ŠKODA AUTO’s UK importer decided to find out. Take a look at the result!

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Ddo you remember your childhood car trips? The drive itself wasn’t much fun. The children could choose between nagging their parents, reading books, nagging their parents, looking out the window, and perhaps nagging their parents. Today’s children have more entertainment options (and parents more peace and quiet), but it’s still not quite perfect – at least not according to the ever restless and playful children…

This set ŠKODA AUTO’s UK importer to thinking: What all would a car need to have to really keep the children amused? They got the advice of true experts – the kids themselves. Their research reached out to 1,000 drivers and, through them, their children ages 6 to 11. And the effort really paid off!


If you were expecting a beach for building sand castles, a football pitch, a ball, or a merry-go-round and swing, you’re way off target. This is the 21st century, after all! Today’s kids want gaming consoles and tablets, high-bandwidth internet for playing games and streaming videos, high-performance loudspeakers for listening to music, and of course plenty of electricity so the fun need never end.

ŠKODA KAROQ jako dokonalé hřiště

And this is just what they got! This and much more: a portable gaming console, a big tablet for playing music and shows connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and to a projector and CANTON sound-system. There’s also a proper disco ball to create the right dancing mood. On top of all that, there’s a bag full of toys, a slide into a ball pit, and a secret den from which clandestinely to watch the surrounding world. A child’s dream!

And because many children had related that they like building things out of cardboard, all of this was installed into a cardboard copy of KAROQ which is so precise and true to the original as to be practically indistinguishable. The edges are straight as a razor, curves just right, steering wheel properly round, and seats correctly shaped. It must have been incredibly hard work. After all, the design and construction took the UK design studio Lazerian more than 600 hours of work over a total of 10 weeks.

ŠKODA KAROQ jako dokonalé hřiště

When you see the joy on the playing children’s faces and their sparkling eyes, there can be no doubt that this was time well invested. It simply makes sense. This unique playground also demonstrated how much usable space the new ŠKODA KAROQ has, all the possibilities for fun it can offer, and how eagerly and wholeheartedly it will take care of you and your entire family. In short, KAROQ means plenty of safe fun for everyone – including children.

See "Making of" video and a gallery of photos from the installation of cardboard copy of KAROQ: