Bestsellers: Extended rear window for SCALA and larger wheels for KAMIQ

› More than half of SCALA customers opt for elegant rear closure
› City-SUV KAMIQ is most commonly ordered with 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels
› Full-LED taillights very popular among owners of both vehicles

Mladá Boleslav, 22 April 2020 – Sporty elegance with the ŠKODA SCALA, robust and stylish appearance with the ŠKODA KAMIQ: The buyers of the two successful new compact models from the Czech manufacturer have different priorities when it comes to exterior options. While 57% of all SCALA customers opted for the extended rear window in 2019, large alloy wheels were high on the list for ŠKODA’s first city SUV.

The ŠKODA SCALA and ŠKODA KAMIQ are both shaping the current development stage of the Czech manufacturer’s emotional design language. The SCALA is characterised by refined aerodynamics; it has a modern and sporty appearance. This look is enhanced with the distinctive extended rear window. In 2019, 57% of all SCALA customers chose this optional design feature, which is included in the Emotion package and Image package. Its sporty, elegant exterior is accentuated with tinted Sunset side windows, which 61% of all SCALA models featured, and black painted exterior mirror housings, which were installed in 38% of all SCALA models. In addition, 14% of all SCALA vehicles came with a panoramic glass roof, which is also tinted. The tinted Sunset side windows were also very popular for the city SUV KAMIQ with a share of 59 %; almost half of all customers also opted for silver roof rails.

Larger wheels – a winning feature of the ŠKODA KAMIQ
In keeping with the robust appearance and increased ground clearance of the city SUV, larger alloy wheels were more popular among KAMIQ customers than SCALA customers. One in two KAMIQs came off the production line with 17-inch wheels, and almost a quarter of customers opted for 18-inch wheels. 45% of all SCALAs delivered had 16-inch wheels. A third of customers opted for 17-inch wheels, and one in ten SCALAs rolled off the production line on 18-inch wheels. The most popular wheels for the KAMIQ were the 17-inch Braga wheels in silver at 35%, followed by the 16-inch Castor wheels at 16 % and the silver 18-inch Crater wheels at 11%. Among SCALA customers, on the other hand, the 16-inch Alaris wheels (27%) were the favourite alloys, ahead of the 17-inch Stratos wheels (19%). The most popular 18-inch wheels were the Vega Aero rims in high-gloss black at 6%.

The top versions of the LED headlights and rear lights were installed just as often in the SCALA as the KAMIQ. 45% of SCALA vehicles came with adaptive full-LED headlights. This version of the headlights, which is incorporated in a range of functions including front dynamic indicators, was installed in exactly 50% of KAMIQs.  Around two-thirds of all SCALA and KAMIQ vehicles delivered were fitted with full-LED combination rear lights with dynamic indicators.

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