ŠKODA AUTO takes further precautions to prevent potential COVID-19 infections

› The measures aim to effectively protect staff against COVID-19 infection when they return from the factory holiday
› In collaboration with medical partners, ŠKODA AUTO offers PCR tests for its employees
› Extensive hygiene and safety measures have been implemented to minimise the risk of infection throughout the company since production restarted on 27 April

Mladá Boleslav, 10 August 2020 – ŠKODA AUTO has agreed upon a range of preventative measures together with the KOVO union to provide the best-possible protection against COVID-19 infection for employees at its three Czech production sites when they return from their factory holidays. These measures are being implemented at all three of the company’s Czech production sites and are intended to prevent a chain of infection if a member of staff falls ill with coronavirus. The health of its workforce is of paramount importance to the Czech car manufacturer.

In collaboration with medical partners, ŠKODA AUTO is offering its staff PCR tests. These can be carried out for an appropriate fee, and are available particularly for employees that are returning to the Czech Republic from a high-risk area and need to be tested. However, members of the workforce who have not spent their holidays in a high-risk area but would like to clear up any suspicion of infection are also able to make use of the test. Anyone who has had confirmed contact with an infected person or who shows symptoms is encouraged to have themself tested at a suitable facility or to contact their doctor.

When resuming production back in April, ŠKODA AUTO – in coordination with its social partner KOVO – introduced a range of comprehensive safety measures for all areas of the company. And now, following their return to work after the factory holidays, ŠKODA is encouraging its employees to protect their own health as well as that of their colleagues with small but effective steps as part of a code of conduct. For example, staff are advised to wear their own protective mask covering both the nose and mouth or one of the nano face masks provided for at least one week. The masks reduce the risk of infection especially in closed rooms, and are particularly important in sanitary or social areas where several people are present at the same time.

Employees are also urged to disinfect their hands regularly, and ŠKODA AUTO is continuing to provide disinfectant dispensers throughout the company for this purpose. For at least one week after their return from the factory holiday, those who can are encouraged to do up to half of their work from home. This will help to reduce any risk of infection and avoid any subsequent quarantine.

The car manufacturer took steps to inform its staff of these measures during the holiday by sending a text message to all business mobile phones from the company’s Info Service. ŠKODA AUTO is also keeping its employees up-to-date with relevant information through its internal communication channels.

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