ŠKODA importers support the fight against coronavirus worldwide with numerous measures

› ŠKODA importers are supporting the fight against coronavirus in many countries worldwide, for example, with vehicles and donations
› ŠKODA Showrooms: Comprehensive hygiene and protection measures for customers and staff

Mladá Boleslav, 4 May 2020 – ŠKODA importers in many countries are providing quick and straightforward support in the fight against coronavirus. For example, they are helping charitable organisations, hospitals and particularly vulnerable people by making vehicles available for food and medicine deliveries and mobilizing medical staff. In its homeland, the Czech Republic, ŠKODA AUTO has donated 100 OCTAVIAs worth 85 million Czech crowns and is also manufacturing face shields. In Pune, India, ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited is providing financial support to facilities such as the Sassoon General Hospital. In regions where ŠKODA dealers have already reopened their showrooms, the manufacturer is implementing comprehensive safety and hygiene measures to provide the best possible protection for employees and customers.

ŠKODA AUTO has been actively involved in the fight against coronavirus for several weeks. In its Czech home market, for example, the company donated 100 OCTAVIAs worth around 85 million Czech crowns to social and medical aid services. In addition, the car manufacturer’s Technical Development department is using its 3D printers to produce parts for certified FFP3 respirators, while other divisions are producing transparent face shields.

The importers are also providing comprehensive support in many countries and have made vehicles available to hospitals as well as non-governmental and aid organisations such as the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. The vehicles are being used to deliver food and medicines and mobilize medical staff, thus helping to reduce the risk of infection.

ŠKODA AUTO Germany, the importer in the brand’s largest European market, has made several ŠKODA KAROQs available to volunteers at its headquarters in Weiterstadt, Germany. They are using these to deliver relief supplies and food, among other things. In Slovakia, ŠKODA has set up the website skoda-pomaha.sk where people and organisations that rely on vehicles to fight the coronavirus can register. In addition to working with the largest hospitals and some of the country’s best-known NGOs, this has also led to a collaboration between the importer and the capital city of Bratislava.

The importer in France is supporting local initiatives and also providing vehicles for the internationally active non-profit organisation Doctors without Borders, as is ŠKODA AUTO Spain. The fleet deployed there is currently in operation in Madrid and Barcelona. In Poland, the Red Cross is using the vehicles provided by the importer to distribute food parcels to people in need. In Belgium and Switzerland, the Czech car manufacturer’s importers are using their fleet to mobilize hospital staff.

In India, ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited is supporting the construction of a special COVID 19 treatment centre at Sassoon General Hospital in Pune by donating 10 000 000 Indian rupees. In addition, the production of face shield for doctors has also started. With operations currently limited, 400 units are being produced daily at the Pune site and 100 shields in Aurangabad. The total number of shields already delivered is 9,000 units. At its plants in Aurangabad and Pune, ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited is now producing also intubation boxes that can protect medical staff from infection when treating coronavirus patients. In addition, ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited has donated more than 35,000 packages of disinfectant to hospitals throughout the country and expanded its cooperation with the Annamitra Foundation, which, among other things, is distributing 50,000 food packages to the needy in Aurangabad and the surrounding areas.

ŠKODA dealers worldwide are committed to safety and health measures
In countries where showrooms are reopening as national quarantine restrictions are lifted, the current situation still requires special initiatives and measures. The aim is to ensure the best possible protection of staff and customers’ health. For example, retailers are required to provide gloves and limit the number of customers in the showroom at any given time by arranging appointments in advance. They are also observing regulations such as wearing a face mask and washing their hands regularly. The cars on show are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected frequently, and protective covers for seats and steering wheels are also being used.

On the largest markets, dealers will deliver the requested model to their customers for a test drive, freshly disinfected right to their doorstep. Orders can be placed by e-mail or via the dedicated online platforms. This option is open to private customers as well as business customers, and leasing agreements are also possible through these channels.

ŠKODA resumed production at its Czech sites on 27 April. More than 80 binding measures are in place to prevent infection at the workplace and ensure the best possible health protection for employees.

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