Off-Road mode

An intelligent system, which can be selected by pressing a button, is designed to make the driver’s life easier on difficult-to-negotiate roads and to adjust the characteristics of the engine, electronic assistants and stability control systems.

Depending on driving situations, the Off-Road mode assistants can be divided into the following groups:

Pull-away, traction and uphill start assist (Drive-Off Assist, ASR Off-road, EDS Off-road)

Drive-Off Assist – In models with a manual gearbox, Drive-Off Assist limits the engine speed when driving uphill. It not only allows smoother hill starts, but is also kinder to the clutch.

ASR Off-road system controls (increases) the driven wheels´ slip in the off-road mode to facilitate off-road starts and driving.

EDS Off-road system (electronic differential lock) will intervene on surfaces where each of the drive wheels has different grip characteristics and/or to cope with road irregularities. The slipping wheels are braked earlier and harder than by the standard EDS system.

Braking support (ESC Off-road, ABS Off-road)
ESC Off-road will intervene in cases of moderate understeer and oversteer to facilitate driving on unpaved tracks and enhance the car´s off-road capability.

ABS Off-road facilitates braking on unpaved surfaces (gravel, snow, etc.). By locking the wheels in a controlled manner, the system creates a “wedge” from the surface material cumulated in front of the braked wheels, thus reducing the braking distance.

Steep downhill support (Hill descent control) – On steep off-road descents, this function regulates the vehicle’s speed – depending on the situation – using the braking system and the engine braking torque, thereby ensuring that the vehicle does not begin to skid in an uncontrolled manner.

The Off-Road mode is available for the ŠKODA OCTAVIA SCOUT, ŠKODA KAROQ and ŠKODA KODIAQ.

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