Bodywork and assistance systems: High level of safety thanks to high-strength body and numerous assistance systems

› High torsional stiffness due to very large proportion of high-strength and hardened steel
› Up to nine airbags and proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist provide a very high level of safety
› Longest wheelbase in the segment and first ŠKODA with dynamic indicators at the front and rear

For the new KAMIQ city SUV, ŠKODA has focused on creating an exceptional level of safety for a car in this segment. The Czech brand has achieved this by making use of a large proportion of high-strength steels in the body structure – ensuring a high level of passive safety – and by fitting the car with numerous innovative assistance systems. The KAMIQ is the first ŠKODA to feature distinctive split LED headlights with daytime running lights above and, in the full LED version, dynamic front and rear indicators.

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Matthias Michniacki, Head of Development Exterior, Interior & Safety at ŠKODA AUTO, said, “Almost 80 per cent of the KAMIQ’s bodywork is made up of high-strength or particularly hardened steels. The resulting extremely high level of torsional stiffness adds to safety, improves handling and gives the vehicle extraordinary longevity.”

By launching the KAMIQ, ŠKODA is introducing a particularly rugged and very spacious SUV onto the roads – one that, with its compact length of 4,241 mm, is ideal for use in cities. The height of the KAMIQ with roof rails is 1,553 mm. At 2,651 mm, it has the longest wheelbase in the city SUV segment, and it is also the broadest with a width of 1,793 mm. First and foremost, this benefits the occupants, who are provided with a ŠKODA-typical generous amount of space in the interior. The KAMIQ is ŠKODA’s first SUV to be based on Volkswagen Group’s modular MQB-A0 platform.

ŠKODA KAMIQ - Infographic

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Raised seat position provides an excellent overall view

The city SUV’s raised seat position is just one important safety aspect, providing the driver with an excellent view of traffic and designed to make getting into and out of the vehicle extremely convenient for all occupants. The extraordinarily stiff body also considerably adds to the level of safety in the smallest member of ŠKODA’s SUV family. This has been achieved thanks to the significant proportion of modern steels – such as ultra-high-strength or hot-formed steel – accounting for almost 80 per cent of its bodywork. They are used in areas that are key to safety such as the A- and B-pillars, the bulkhead and the transmission tunnel.

Up to nine airbags and proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist

The ŠKODA KAMIQ employs numerous active and passive safety systems to protect its occupants and reduce the severity of an accident, should one occur. Up to nine airbags feature as part of the passive systems. Standard equipment for the new city SUV includes airbags for the driver and front passenger, curtain airbags as well as front side airbags. As an option, the KAMIQ can also be fitted with a driver knee airbag and side airbags in the rear. Another optional extra, the proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist, quickly closes any open windows and tensions the front seat belts automatically in the event of an impending collision. Multi-Collision Brake prevents the KAMIQ from rolling any further in an uncontrolled manner following impact. To ensure the KAMIQ’s youngest passengers also have a safe journey, the car features ISOFIX anchors and top tether anchor points on the front passenger seat and rear seats.

LED headlights and dynamic indicators

In addition to providing the designers with plenty of scope for design, LED headlights increase safety thanks to their luminosity and the colour of their light, which is close to that of daylight. What’s more, they last considerably longer than halogen lights. The ŠKODA KAMIQ is the only car in its segment to already come with LED technology as standard for the dipped beam, high beam and daytime running lights as well as for the tail lights, brake lights and rear fog light. Full LED headlights are another option; these boast a bi-LED module for the dipped and high beam as well as additional LEDs for the side light and fog lights with cornering function. A narrow strip made up of four individual LEDs provides the daytime running light as well as the dynamic indicator.

Numerous assistance systems as standard

The ŠKODA KAMIQ can be equipped with state-of-the-art assistance systems and already features Lane Assist as well as Front Assist including City Emergency Brake as standard. Using a camera, Lane Assist recognises road markings and helps the driver to keep the car in lane. Front Assist with City Emergency Brake lends a hand in often confusing urban traffic by preventing or reducing the severity of a collision with pedestrians or cyclists. In order to do this, the system monitors the area in front of the car and automatically brings it to a stop in an emergency.



Side Assist detects vehicles at a distance of up to 70 m

The optional Side Assist helps the driver to overtake safely on motorways and dual carriageways. It uses two radars to detect vehicles approaching from behind and warns the driver in a timely manner. Rear Traffic Alert, which is integrated into Side Assist, warns the driver about objects moving behind the vehicle when reversing at speeds of up to 15 km/h – as well as at its sides and up to 70 m away. Should the driver not respond to an initial visual signal, an acoustic warning is emitted, followed by an automatic emergency stop.


Optional assistance systems provide added comfort

The KAMIQ offers a wide range of assistance systems known from higher vehicle segments that, in addition to increasing safety, also increase the level of comfort available in the city SUV segment. These include the optional Park Assist, which can guide the car into and out of bay or parallel parking spaces.

As an option, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) increases comfort for frequent drivers or for long journeys. It maintains the desired speed (up to 210 km/h) and brakes automatically if it detects a slower vehicle travelling ahead. In combination with DSG, the system can even bring the ŠKODA KAMIQ to a stop and have it pull away again automatically within up to three seconds. The optional Driver Alert fatigue detection system recognises a reduction in the driver’s concentration and recommends they take a break.

Electronic Differential Lock XDS+ comes as standard and improves the traction of the front wheels. The TPM+ system monitors tyre pressure. Hill-Hold Control prevents the car from rolling backwards and the engine from stalling when pulling away on inclines of more than five degrees.


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